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Who we are

We are an organization that works as a community and platform for causes with socio-environmental impact and dreams. We exist to create a world of love where all  people may have Right to Dream and opportunities for Achieve and Inspire.

We realize and support dreams through projects, campaigns and other diverse activities following the indicators of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our organization was born in 2013 to guarantee and return the right to dream. In 2016 we formalized as a Non-Profit Civil Society Organization, tostrengthen the Culture of Good Living and Dreaming, in the face of individual and collective hopelessness and loneliness.

We believe that dreams, education and people change the world.

And we work to bring dreams and opportunities to more people and places. We carry out projects at our headquarters in the city of São Lorenço - MG and in partner organizations throughout Brazil and the world.

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Dreams are seeds and together we are a forest!

Our mission

Formalize and guarantee the right to dream for all beings based on our values. To be a platform for causes with socio-environmental impact and dreams.

Make the Right to Dream a Universal Human Right and a Sustainable Development Goal.

Our vision

A world of love, acceptance, innovation and courage, where every life is guaranteed the right to dream and opportunities to achieve and inspire.

Our Purpose

That dreaming is a right for everyone, a human right, the 18th SDG.

Our values

  • LOVE

Discover our History

During our career, we have already held several workshops and activities, making a difference in the lives of many people.

In 2013, our journey began with the dreams and concerns of our founder Myrian Castello who brought together some friends from the Engineering course to give it a name and improve people's belonging and dreams. Next year,In 2014, we started our first workshops, aimed at young people and women. These workshops took place in various outdoor locations, and we already had partnerships with organizations such as Teto and Impact HUB São Paulo.

In 2015, we expanded our impact, directing our efforts to support more women and establishing our first international partnership with Círculo de Soñadoras, a leadership program active in South America.

Next year,In 2016, we gained official Civil Society Organization status. During this period, we expanded our operations to several regions, reaching notable milestones, such as the historic collaboration with the São Vicente Department of Education and the Culture of Peace Committee. This initiative, which involved 93 Education Units, was a resounding success. Two years later, in 2018, our FFounder Myrian had the honor of participating in a UN Peace Forum in New York.

From 2016 onwards, we started workshops and established partnerships in several countries, including South Africa, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Sweden and Argentina. In 2018, we continued to promoteworkshops covering topics such as Self-knowledge, Dreams, Meditation,and we have expanded our work to include the empowerment of educators, women and youth.

The year 2020 marked a major breakthrough, as it was whenwe opened our physical headquarters in São Lourenço-MG. During this period, we also participated in interviews both nationally and internationally, and became involved in Francisco's Economy. This year, our Ornintorrinco Nelson mascot arrived too!

In recent years, our team has grown with the addition of new employees and volunteers, and we have started to adopt a horizontal and sociocratic operating structure, organizing ourselves into Working Groups (GTs).

We started our Young Dreamers and Young Entrepreneurs Programs, in addition to our successful Right to Dream Week.

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The beginning of our Workshops (2014)

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Our Founder Myrian Castello at the UN (2018)

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Nelson, our Platypus mascot

Today we have more than 250 actions and more than 20,000 people who have already participated in lectures, actions and programs. 

Our Methodology

Our projects are conducted at our headquarters, located in the city of São Lorenço - MG and around the world in partnership with other organizations

We have a unique methodology that guides our work called “4D”: Discover, Awaken, Develop and Take Off.

With this, we develop our projects and actions working with 10 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Impact

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We are an organization that works as a community and platform for causes with socio-environmental impact and dreams.

We realize and support dreams through projects, campaigns and other activities. With this, over the years we have impacted many people.




Performed activities


Impacted people

Everything we do and the good we do is possible thanks to the support of our volunteers, partners and donors.
Join us!

Any contribution, no matter the amount, helps us continue to make a difference in the lives of even more people.

Our Dream Team

We are a community of many people, volunteers who work to achieve the purpose and dream of Fábrica dos Sonhos. We act as governance, having Working Groups (GTs). Meet some of the members of this incredible team below:


Myrian Castello

Executive Director and Founder


Herbert Lima

Rural Headquarters Director


Anna Carolina Oliveira

Educational Director


Alessandra Mattos

Events Director


Laura Bortolo

Project coordinator

Ana Paula.png

Ana Paula Louzado

Administrative assistant

Ana Lúcia.png

Ana Lucia

Financial assistant

Meet our Partners and Supporters


These are our current partners, who believe in our dreams and help us make a difference in the lives of so many people.

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These are theGood Companies, who believes in and has supported our cause.

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Also meet the partners who were part of our journey and contributed to our cause throughout our journey.

Former National Partners
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Former International Partners
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