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What we do

We believe in a world where everyone has the right to dream and pursue their dreams. Therefore, we help people, groups and institutions to rescue and enhance their dreams and skills. This is achieved through connection with themselves, with other people and with the transformations they want to make in the world.

We use dynamic and transformative strategies, promoting love and a sense of belonging as catalysts for this process.

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Everything we do and the good we do is possible thanks to the support of our volunteers, partners and donors. Join us! 

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Right to Dream

The Right to Dream is a concept that is based on the idea that the act of dreaming and aspiring to a better future is a fundamental and essential right for the dignity and mental health of all human beings.

Projects of


Education changes people and people change the world!
Our mission is to cultivate a culture of good living and dreaming, aiming for a more humanized education.

Projects of


Here at Fábrica dos Sonhos we are committed to strengthening the entrepreneurial spirit, contributing to income generation and skills development

Projects for


Our aspiration is to drive a revolution, rooted in sisterhood and the empowerment of women's individual and shared dreams.

Projects of


Here are some of the projects we carry out with a focus on the environment. But beyond these, we always seek to take small actions that make a difference.



Here you can learn a little more about other actions we carry out here at Fábrica dos Sonhos.

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