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Education Projects

To promote care for the world and realize our dreams, it is essential that we transform education. With our vast expertise and collaborations already consolidated in partnerships with Education Departments, School Boards and other institutions, our team at Fábrica dos Sonhos has international experience, taking our workshops to different countries.

Education changes people and people change the world!

Aquilombar - Projetos de Pertencimento e Letramento Racial

Status: Ativo


Projetos sobre representatividade, colaboração e amor para acolher todas as cores e despertar o sentimento de pertencimento para ocupar qualquer lugar e ter o direito de sonhar garantido e oportunidades para realizar e inspirar. O foco é sermos multiplicadores conscientes dentro da cultura de paz e letramento racial . Toda a comunicação é voltada principalmente à população negra. Os projetos são compostos por:

  • Círculo Aquilombar - Roda de conversa


  • Lives de inspiração

  • Leitura de livros- Leitura de autores Negros aberto a todos com o intuito inicial do Letramento Racial e compartilhamento de conhecimentos

Nonpartisan Political Education

Project: In partnership

Status: Inactive

Nonpartisan Politics.png

In partnership with Politize! We carry out activities in the Circuito das Águas region of Minas Gerais so that everyone is more aware of their rights and role as a citizen. In fact, Politize! is founding an embassy in São Lourenço- MG, to find out more and sign up, just clickEmbassy of São Lourenço and Soledade.

Young Dreamers

Project: In partnership

Status: Inactive

The "Young Dreamers Program" is an initiative of ours in partnership with other collaborators, with the aim of supporting young people aged between 16 and 18 who live in São Lourenço-MG and its neighboring locations.

This program covers a selection process that includes: Registration, Presentation of ideas, Evaluation by a panel, Signing of a liability agreement and Publication of results. The selected proposals receive resources for implementation, prioritizing the non-acceptance of proposals of an exclusive political or religious nature. Proposals not selected also have the opportunity to be registered for possible support in future editions of the program.

Dream School

Status: Active

Screenshot 2023-12-12 205134.png

The Escola dos Sonhos project is our initiative to offer a variety of educational courses to the community, including English, Spanish, Libras, Environmental Education and Technology. The objective of Escola dos Sonhos is to provide a unique learning opportunity for the community of São Lourenço and the region.

What sets Escola dos Sonhos apart is the combination of a welcoming space, passionate teachers, educators with international experiences and an exceptional academic trajectory. In addition, Escola dos Sonhos offers flexible schedules for courses, but it is important to note that places are limited. Therefore, interested individuals are encouraged to apply as soon as possible to secure their place.


Project: In partnership

Status: Inactive


Over a period of 18 months, 5 European and Latin American organizations, with support from the European Commission, joined forces to create and share training modules aimed at young professionals. The objective was to provide tools for young people in vulnerable situations, enabling them to get involved in self-managed cooperative ventures.

These training modules aimed to enable young people to develop socio-emotional, digital and creative skills, adopting non-formal approaches to teaching and artistic mediation. All of this with a focus on economic, social and solidarity dimensions.

Want to know more about what it was like? Access to the Methodological Guide,clicking here!

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