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Other Actions

Our commitment is to continue contributing to the realization of people’s Dreams and Well-Being. In addition to our main projects, we carry out a series of additional actions that expand our impact and promote Education and Community Well-Being in diverse and comprehensive ways.

Here you can learn a little more about the actions we carry out.

Small steps towards big dreams!

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Soiree and Beauty Fair

Project: Internal

Status:  Active


Soiree is a cultural event that we organize at our headquarters, in collaboration with Coletivo Belezinhas, bringing local artists to provide an incredible experience for our community. During the event, the Feira das Belezinhas also takes place, where talented artisans from the region have the opportunity to display and sell their handcrafted creations.

Feira das Belezinhas joined the Sarau after the success of two events in our city of São Lourenço - MG, and it was from there that Lojinha dos Sonhos emerged.

Dream Store

Store at our Headquarters

Status:  Active

Dream Store.png

The Sonhos store is located at our headquarters and offers a variety of products and services, including those from Coletivo Belezinhas, Projeto Abraços da Mantiqueira and exclusive items from Fábrica dos Sonhos itself. 

Coletivo Belezinhas, supported by Fábrica dos Sonhos, is made up of talented local artisans who undertake and collaborate to improve their income, while promoting local culture. The Abraços da Mantiqueira Project is an initiative by Fábrica dos Sonhos that seeks to support small rural farmers in Serra da Mantiqueira.

Furthermore, in our store, you will find original Fábrica dos Sonhos products, such as t-shirts, platypuses and exclusive souvenirs. It is important to highlight that a significant part of the revenue generated in the store is donated to our social projects.

Literary Oasis

Internal action at our Headquarters

Status:  Active


Our book bazaar was created to encourage the habit of reading in our city and raise funds for our social projects, combining the passion for books with solidarity.

We offer a world of enchanting stories, from timeless classics to the latest literary adventures. Each book purchased not only opens the doors to a universe of enchantment, but also contributes to the realization of more and more dreams! 

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